Rose Blanche Lighthouse: Revisiting Old Images

A friend of mine recently asked me why I posted an “old” photo on Facebook and if I heard the latest news about the Boston bombers. Confused, I answered no. Then he said “Do you know why you haven’t heard any news about the Boston bombers? Because nobody cares anymore!” The implication was why post photos of a place if you weren’t there recently.

I have hundreds of photos sitting on my drives that haven’t been post-processed due to a lack of time, necessity and laziness. When you visit a place like Newfoundland for two weeks it’s easy to take over a thousand photos. If you’re selling any of these images then you need to:

  • import and rename the photos into your computer
  • rank them
  • apply keywords and metadata
  • geotag
  • write captions
  • archive and back up

It took me a few weeks to sort through 1,764 photos from my trip to Newfoundland in September, 2011. I managed to process about a dozen of those photos before I needed to take a break. It’s now two years later and I’ve only just begun to revisit some of that work. The first image I worked on was Rose Blanche Lighthouse, displayed below.

Rose Blanche Lighthouse in Newfoundland.

In the two years since I took this photo my post-processing skills have improved. I’ve learned new techniques, improved my editing skills and refined the way I see my work.

Photos can be timeless. It doesn’t matter when an image was made for it to be relevant or enjoyed as art. Sometimes the passage of time helps a photographer look at their work differently and see potential in some images where they didn’t see it before.

I plan to go through the rest of my Newfoundland photos in the coming weeks and revisit more of the older images. Oddly enough, within 12 hours of posting my “old” photo of Rose Blanche Lighthouse on Facebook, somebody said they wanted the photo on their wall at home.